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What Are You Thankful For?

Life can be stressful. Life can feel challenging. Seeking balance is ongoing and some days are better than others. Acknowledging difficulties is important, and a critical step to effecting change. Yet,  recognizing gratitude, even in small ways, is valuable. It...

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Turning Back The Clock is a Helpful Trigger

Today we turned back the clocks. I don't like when it gets dark at 4:30 PM, but at least for this morning I did enjoy the extra hour of rest! An annual event like turning back the clock is a helpful trigger to do an annual task, such as changing the batteries in your...

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Who would want my junk?

Don’t misinterpret my advice and hold on to things because they might be valuable some day. Instead, if you have an item in your home that you neither need nor want and it is taking up space in your home, give it away (or sell it) because you never know who else will use it and enjoy it.

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Are you prepared for that morning when you wake up feeling really sick?

I was caught off-guard this week when I woke up Tuesday morning feeling achy, feverish, and miserably congested. I stumbled into the bathroom to find the supplies I needed to relieve my discomfort. Thank goodness I had everything I needed because I was in no condition to go out and shop for pain and cold medications that morning.

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