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The Bra Recyclers – a Song and a Donation

I wrote a little song about bras. It’s to the tune of “If I had a Hammer...” so take a moment and sing it. If I had a bra I’d hoist them in the mornin’ They’d be held ’till the evening And I would feel grand I wouldn’t feel chilly I wouldn’t feel droopy I’d feel...

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A SEW EASY Tip for Organizing Your Sewing Box

My husband is the sewing expert in our family. He is the only who uses the electric sewing machine. Occasionally, I will sew on a button or repair a fallen hem. The hardest part of sewing by hand for me is putting the thread through the eye of the needle! Thank...

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Adult ADHD – You Are Not Alone

October is ADHD Awareness Month. We know about children who struggle with ADD/ADHD, but what about adults? Did you know that children with ADHD grow up to be adults with ADHD? People with ADHD have unique challenges that impact their lives day to day. Strategies,...

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Prepare for Winter with a Tools and Resource Inventory

Winter is coming! And we're not talking about being a Game of Thrones fan! This time of year, we know it won't take long before we're in the full grip of winter. Weather during winter can bring extreme cold, freezing rain, snow, ice, and power outages that can last a...

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Your Book Collection – Tips for Decluttering

When it comes to decluttering, books can be one of the hardest items to let go of. Often we associate strong feelings with books because they hold many memories -- of how we acquired the book, our feelings as we read it, where we lived at the time, etc. I recommend a...

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