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I can’t sing enough praises for Jocelyn and the incredible impact she’s had on my life. My journey with her began years ago in NYC, where she served as my Organizing Coach. When circumstances led me to relocate to a new city, Jocelyn seamlessly transitioned into my trusted Life Coach, guiding me through the challenges of COVID and settling into unfamiliar territory with my family. Now, with my career and family life on solid ground, I’ve found myself grappling with the perpetual chaos of a busy household. Who do I turn to for help? None other than Jocelyn, my steadfast friend and coach.

In recent weeks, she’s taken on the role of my Virtual Organizing coach, and the results speak volumes. My husband’s reaction says it all—Jocelyn’s guidance has transformed our living space, eliciting comments like, “Wow, I am really proud of you!” and “You’ve made so much improvement to the space!” Her sessions are not only productive but also enjoyable, and they always leave me rejuvenated and calm. With Jocelyn’s support, I’ve learned to set clear goals for each week, holding myself accountable and celebrating even the smallest victories. Her expertise has been instrumental in reclaiming order from the chaos that ensued during our move and the uncertainties of the pandemic.

I dream of the day when I can pay forward the gift of Jocelyn’s guidance to my loved ones. The benefits of having her in my corner are endless, and I am eternally grateful for the positive impact she’s had on my life. Don’t hesitate—reach out to Jocelyn today and experience the transformation firsthand!



We chose Jocelyn at See Your Way Clear, LLC, out of several organizers we were researching. We are forever grateful we did! Jocelyn is an expert in where to start with down-sizing or “right-sizing”, how to organize, and what to do with various items we are throwing away or donating. In addition, she is skilled at giving us hope and helping my husband and me work together with our different ways of doing things, to get the job done. We are still in process and Jocelyn has the right balance of affirming us and yet nudging us along on the journey to “enough.” We have recommended her to many friends and neighbors and will continue to do so! Last but not least, Jocelyn is vibrant, positive, wise and encouraging in all of her communications.

Carolyn and Jay C.

Mamaroneck, New York

I can’t say enough praises for Jocelyn!! I’d give her 10 stars if I could! My pantry was so overwhelmingly cluttered and Jocelyn organized it with me and gave me great suggestions for how to make things more accessible. That dreaded area of my kitchen is now a thing of the past. She also helped me decide what to declutter from my china closet which now is much more organized…Jocelyn never pushes you to “let go “ of your things and respects your feelings in such a calm nonjudgmental manner…(Ahem….well hello there, sentimental items..). Working with her gave me the push I needed to continue the decluttering mindset in my home…and I know that I will use her services again.. Don’t hesitate to work with Jocelyn.. She’s a real gem!!!

Marlene M.

Eastchester, New York

Jocelyn Kenner has been helping me tackle a huge professional project that involves decades of accumulated paper. I fully intended to do this myself over the pandemic, but not surprisingly, I was not able to pull it together.

While Jocelyn can come to your home and physically help you organize anything, I am finding Jocelyn’s ability to ask the exact questions that help me see the situation differently, make the decisions that had previously stymied me, and move forward with steps that are achievable absolutely invaluable.

I’ll bet Jocelyn can help you too!

Danielle M.

Yonkers, NY

My favorite part of your seminar was it left me feeling like I can do this. I can get started – I just have to begin. I am very grateful to you for sharing your gift and talent with the community! You are very professional, kind, sensitive, and helpful!

I highly recommend Jocelyn to all!!

Kim (class participant)

I worked with Jocelyn many years ago when she was just beginning her career as a Professional Organizer. At that time, she helped me to implement simple, effective strategies to organize my home. The benefits were truly life-changing for me. When I found out Jocelyn was expanding her services to include coaching, I couldn’t wait to get started. I wanted help because I was often feeling “stuck”. I was overwhelmed by my responsibilities and even accomplishing small tasks sometimes left me like a deer in the headlights. I have made such wonderful progress in our coaching sessions. Jocelyn has shown me how to recognize the obstacles in my way, and how to find solutions within myself for moving forward. I feel like a more practical, less emotional being. I have better life skills, and more importantly, I actually use them.

Thanks, Jocelyn. You’re the best!


Scarsdale, NY

Hands down, whatever your situation, you can’t go wrong with Jocelyn. She’ll meet you wherever you are and help move you forward. Jocelyn is one of the kindest, most accepting, non-judgmental, patient, and positive person I think I’ve ever met. I’ve come to see she walks the walk, which tells me as a coach/organizer she is the real deal. Whatever may be holding you back from seeking help or deciding which person to choose, let me spare you any hesitancies, embarrassment, and awkwardness because I’ve so been there. Jocelyn is an ideal person to have on your team and she’ll give you the boost you need.


Hartsdale, NY

When friends express amazement that my husband and I were able to downsize from a large Larchmont Manor house to a small condo in a matter of a few months, I assure them that it would never have happened without Jocelyn Kenner and her “See Your Way Clear” skills. The ground rules we set for Jocelyn were that rental of storage units was forbidden, filling a dumpster was a last resort, and yard sales and Ebay was “not our style.”

The first step was to prepare the house for sale by “decluttering” it of its considerable display of artifacts spanning 50 years of travel and hundreds of years of family history. This needed to be done in such a way as to retain its historic charm and to keep it livable in the style that my husband and I had developed over the four decades we had lived there. Next was the process of combing through artifacts, furniture, wall decorations, photo albums, large machine tools and more with an eye to repurposing them for the coming decades. Jocelyn taught me valuable skills in setting priorities, separating “trash from treasure” and identifying beloved memorabilia/heirlooms from mindlessly accumulated collectibles. She identified a formidable array of charities who could make good use of offloaded goods, which soothed my soul as I waved goodbye to artwork from China and my grandmother’s wooden armoire, and the like.

Most important of all, Jocelyn respected my priorities at every juncture, never pressured me, helped me maximize the use of my time with her and on my own between appointments. It was a collaborative effort which she engineered while keeping me “chief executive officer” at all times. And finally moving into the new unit was a fluid process thanks to the careful organization which had already taken place.


Larchmont, NY

I don’t know how to thank you enough for helping me with everything! It makes such a difference and has created space not just in the areas we worked, but in my head. You are so lovely and amazing. I will miss having you here helping me to organize as I continue to do the other things that I feel I can do by myself. We tackled the most difficult things together and what a God Send you are!!! You are not only capable, but non-judgmental and non-intrusive. It was a pleasure to meet you and to work with you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Scarsdale, NY

It’s hard to put into words exactly how much easier life is from just a few hours of working with Jocelyn. Her presence in my home helps me to organize everything from closets to paperwork to packing for an upcoming trip! I realize that when in doubt call Jocelyn. I appreciate that she works from her heart as well as her head. If you want to give yourself a gift, I recommend you call upon Jocelyn. When you need to move forward, she makes a path.


Larchmont, NY

Heartfelt thanks to Professional Organizer, Jocelyn Kenner, owner of See Your Way Clear for simplifying and brightening the last few years of my friend Jane’s life.

Always compassionate, discreet, respectful and competent, Jocelyn handled everyday, often frustrating tasks for Jane. After Jane’s recent death, Jocelyn was invaluable in helping me clear out Jane’s residence. Without Jocelyn’s efficiency and vast knowledge of outside resources, my job would have been overwhelming and lonely.

S. Haffner

Hartsdale, NY

“See Your Way Clear” is a perfect name for Jocelyn Kenner’s organizing business because this is exactly what happens when you work with Jocelyn.

Jocelyn is a great source of support when it comes to de-cluttering and organizing your home, and therefore your life! She is reassuring, giving you permission to make decisions about what to let go of, what to keep, and how to organize and store what you keep. She is even willing, with permission, to make those decisions. For example, if I become overwhelmed during a working session, she just keeps on going. She bags, lifts, carries, and reorganizes. She is strong, never hesitating to carry a heavy bag or box to its appropriate location.

Jocelyn is an expert in the field of organization. She can tell you what the county household material recovery center accepts, which charities accept which donations, and she is an amazingly smart problem-solver. For instance, she helped me to return an EZ pass, showed me how to remove rubber particles stuck to the floor from a floor mat, helped to remove spilled paint from glass, and figured out how to close a broken window in my bedroom.

Jocelyn is a great teacher of organizational skills. She is supportive of my progress, and her non-judgmental advice helps me to accomplish a lot, even in-between sessions. She instills and develops my confidence. She functions therapeutically as a life coach. She makes the challenge of organization fun, and helps me feel in control of my life. This gives me great clarity and ability to function more efficiently. Jocelyn helps me to review, sort, decide, crystallize, and clarify as I confront the paraphernalia related to the history of my life.

Barbara B.

Larchmont, NY

Jocelyn is a miracle worker! She breaks a big clutter problem down into parts, as if she had a 6th sense, and customizes innovative solutions for you. Jocelyn operates in a judgment-free zone, and she is patient and understanding about your sentimentality over your child’s scribbles from kindergarten, helping you to differentiate between what should stay and what should go. You can trust Jocelyn not to throw away your old Pez dispenser without permission and you can trust her around your valuables. Jocelyn provides follow-up and will also research the best rolling cart, pocketbook holder, waterproof shower clock, etc. She provides weekly tips via email that are invaluable. When you live in Scarsdale, you pay through the nose, often for inferior and unreliable home services. Jocelyn, however, is a real find – her rates are reasonable and she has a beautiful soul.


Scarsdale, NY

I was hospitalized this past summer. I knew that I would be discharged using a walker to get around. My one bedroom apartment was in no condition to accommodate the width of a walker. So my better half hired Jocelyn to transform the apartment to enable me to get around. Jocelyn spent three hours creating enough room for me to navigate the apartment. She did not dispose of anything since I wasn’t there to make the final decision on what to discard. While I was still in rehab recovering, those few friends who witnessed the results of her work, kept reporting to me how great my apartment looked. I intend to rehire Jocelyn to finish what she started now that I’m home to assist her in the transformation of the apartment. Jocelyn is sensitive to a person’s needs and has the skills to help a vulnerable clutterer, such as myself. She has great ideas and is easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help organizing and discarding years of clutter.


New York City

Jocelyn came highly recommended by a mutual friend. In prepping for my move, I needed help sorting and filing about a dozen boxes of documents, both personal and for my business. Jocelyn made this overwhelming task feel manageable. She brings organizing skills (of course!), but also such patience and great attitude that you never want her to leave! She has my highest recommendation!

Scarsdale, NY

Jocelyn presented her workshop, The Ten Commandments for Organizing Your Home, to our LIRIC community today. They were very impressed – and they are a tough group! Jocelyn’s program showcased her expertise, charm and sense of humor. She left her audience eager to get home and start organizing! Her suggestions were practical and designed to simplify our complicated lives. She made us realize that organization saves time. Thank you so much for your excellent presentation.

Joyce Kent

Curriculum Committee, LIRIC

Having Jocelyn in my life has made me realize that EVERYONE needs to have Jocelyn in his/her life!! As a family of 4, it is not easy to live in a small apartment in NYC. We tried to do the usual seasonal cleaning and donate/hand-down our children’s clothing, but our apartment was somehow ALWAYS a mess. After a few sessions with Jocelyn, her very gentle way of asking “Do you really need this?” or “When was the last time you used it?” she made me realize that most of the things I keep are just memories which can be documented with a camera or a notebook. Getting rid of all those things not only made my apartment look great, but also relieved my stress level and THAT to me, was priceless!!


Bronx, NY

I call Jocelyn my Closet Saver! I live in a tiny apartment in Queens with 2 tiny closets that can only handle hangers when they’re diagonally positioned on the closet bar. She came up with some great alternatives and taught me the value of “prime real estate” for my more important items. She concentrated on utilizing the space that I have with what I already own vs. purchasing more to clutter my space. When I eventually have a larger living space with better closets, I’ll already be ahead of the game and be able to adapt my skills of organization to my new space. I would recommend Jocelyn to anyone that needs an outside set of eyes to reimagine the space that they have. She focuses on having your most frequently used/worn clothes in accessible areas and knows the importance of a girl’s love of shoes! Thank you, my closet genius!
Wendi Shoenfeld

Virtual Organizing Client

Jocelyn is very smart, very skilled, and very warm. I thought I had found someone who would set up new systems for me, and Jocelyn was able to do that and more – she also identified and corrected underlying assumptions I had that led to the disorganization. I was first drawn to her over other organizers because she freely admits that she is not one of those people who has been naturally organized from childhood. Because she had developed these skills herself, I thought she would be in a better position to break them down and explain them to me – and this turned out to be true. With Jocelyn, you learn by doing. As you organize, she walks through the thought process with you, so you internalize these new ways of thinking and behaving. She is consistently patient and clear. In addition to all the help Jocelyn gave me onsite, she has helped me develop ongoing habits that help me stay organized on my own. The mindset I have developed towards my home have extended into my work life, my time management, and beyond. I recommend Jocelyn highly – working with her has positive effects far beyond the initial investment.


Irvington, NY

Faced with the overwhelming task of downsizing after 25 years in our house, I didn’t know where to start. My home office was filled with boxes of papers – some of it mine, some of it inherited from my parents after they passed away – and bookshelves overflowing with books, magazines and mementoes. The room the children used as a playroom was chock-a-block with old toys and games, videos and gaming equipment, plus overflow appliances and tools from the kitchen. And my bedroom floor was covered with piles of clothes, luggage, mail…. I was really stuck until Jocelyn started helping me: Her gentle, non-judgmental suggestions helped me to understand and accept the emotions behind my inability to get started, and then move forward one step at a time. Jocelyn has great insights and ideas, plus an endless number of resources, so it’s easy to follow through. After her first visit I was elated because I could see a framework for moving forward taking shape. Within days dozens of bags marked for donation were picked up — and the house suddenly seemed lighter. More importantly, I felt lighter, like a burden had been lifted. Besides helping me figure out what to let go of and what to keep, Jocelyn has helped me design new systems that work better for my lifestyle now.


New Rochelle, NY

Jocelyn and I have collaborated on many projects. I can count on Jocelyn to be sensitive and engaged when working with clients. We often help families where there are learning differences. I can count on Jocelyn’s warmth and patience and know that she will tap into her creativity to do what it takes to affect a positive change. She cares deeply about her work as a Professional Organizer and our clients sense her commitment to helping them. I know when I bring Jocelyn into a project she will handle it thoughtfully and diligently.

Leslie Josel

Principal, Order Out of Chaos and author of “What’s The Deal with Teens and Time Management,” & “Academic Planner – a tool for Time Management”

Jocelyn was a featured and favorite speaker at our Weight Watcher Open House events on several occasions on the topic of how clutter affects weight loss. She has helped many a member understand that change starts from the outside in and that it is important to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to weight loss. Not only did Jocelyn provide many tips on getting the job done, but also the motivation to do so. She has made such an impression on our members that many months and even years later, they still quote Jocelyn and talk about how the information she imparted still inspires them.

Cheryl G.

Weight Watchers Meeting Leader


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