My husband is the sewing expert in our family. He is the only who uses the electric sewing machine. Occasionally, I will sew on a button or repair a fallen hem. The hardest part of sewing by hand for me is putting the thread through the eye of the needle! Thank goodness for needle threaders, but because they are so light and fragile, they get lost in the box and are difficult to find.

This week’s tip comes from my VERY CLEVER client who offered a SEW EASY solution when we found a needle threader while cleaning out a closet. She said, “Let me run upstairs and tape this needle threader to the inside lid of my sewing box.”

Oh my, what a genius solution, I thought. I told her then and there that this was going to be a weekly tip!!!!

Below are before and after pictures of my sewing box. I couldn’t help but organize the box after that tip. Notice that I containerized items even within our container (pins in the bandaid box, smaller spools of thread in a ziploc bag, scissors and tape measure housed in an open box). I also taped an envelope to the lid to hold needles and loops of tape to attach the needle threaders!

This was SEW easy to do, so spend 15 minutes cleaning out your sewing box. Send me before and after pictures so I can celebrate your efforts with you!!


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