I was caught off-guard this week when I woke up Tuesday morning feeling achy, feverish, and miserably congested. I stumbled into the bathroom to find the supplies I needed to relieve my discomfort. Thank goodness I had everything I needed because I was in no condition to go out and shop for pain and cold medications that morning.

My preparedness really paid off.

How Is Your Inventory?

I recommend you ALWAYS have the following items on hand in case you wake up feeling sick from a cold or virus:

  • pain medications (Acetaminophen vs. Ibuprofen)
  • a working thermometer
  • cold & cough medications
  • cough drops
  • tissues
  • chicken soup
  • ginger ale
  • saltines
  • applesauce
  • a drink with electrolytes
  • tea bags
  • honey

Please inventory your medications and add to your shopping list any items that need replenishing or items from my checklist that you may have overlooked. If you are practicing my tips from last week’s email, you can delegate this task to someone else in the family (or delete it if you feel it doesn’t pertain to you). You can always delay it, but I’d hate for you to wake up feeling really sick and have nothing to relieve your discomfort 🙁


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