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SYWC-tickets-blogHoliday celebrations are underway and with that come the usual gift-giving frenzy. As a Professional Organizer I must tell you that the thought of contributing to the volume of unnecessary “stuff” in our homes all under the guise of “holiday gifts” makes me crazy! I know you are thinking I am the world’s shortest Scrooge!!! NO! I love to give and receive gifts, but there is a way to celebrate the holidays without producing more clutter.

Rather than giving things this holiday, think about giving experiences. Below are clutter-free gift-giving suggestions for all the different personality types on your list:

Sports lover: Tickets to a sporting event

Music lover: Tickets to a concert or an i-Tunes gift card

Book worm: E-book or gift card for e-books

Stressed-out loved one: Gift certificate to a spa

Oscar night Enthusiast: Movie theater package that includes tickets and concession, or a membership to Netflix

Health nut: Membership to a health club or yoga studiocookingclass

Drama Queen: Tickets to a Broadway show

Art lover: Membership to a museum or a gallery excursion

Animal Activist: Donate to a local animal shelter in her honor

Thrill Seeker: All expense paid trip for a day at an amusement park

Green Thumb: Membership to a botanical garden or the Garden Conservancy

Wine Connoisseur: Trip to a vineyard or local wine-tasting event

Food Network Fan: Cooking class enrollment

Exhausted Parents: Free night of babysitting and dinner out

Humanitarian: Donate to a charity in her honor

Frustrated with clutter: Sessions with a Professional Organizer (you knew I had to include that!)


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