Hurricane Season is upon us and as I write this, areas of the East Coast are still recovering from Hurricane Florence. When a storm like this hits, its severity is often a guessing game, because even the best forecasters cant be positive when and where the storm will land and how strong it will be when it does.

Since there are so many unpredictable factors, the best time to prepare for a hurricane or other emergency is before it hits, so that you are not stressed out wondering if you are forgetting something.

A fellow Professional Organizer from Florida shared her Hurricane Preparedness Planning Notebook. I want to share it with you in case it is can be a helpful resource for you or someone you love.

The document contains many helpful resources including:

  • a pre- and post-hurricane season checklist
  • spots to record emergency numbers and contact info
  • a hurricane kit checklist
  • a property protection checklist
  • lists of things to do as a hurricane approaches day by day
  • an evacuation packing list
  • and more

Click here to access and download this document for yourself.

Thank you to Kendra Fletcher for the hurricane planner.


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