Did you know that you can see your postal mail before it arrives at your home each day? That’s right…. you can digitally preview your postal mail each day in an email before it arrives at your home. How cool is that!? This handy service offered by the United States Postal Service is called Informed Delivery. It will also tell you what packages are due to arrive that day as well.
Informed Delivery is particularly useful when I travel because I can see the mail that arrives each day. This lessens my anxiety of having to go through days and/or weeks of mail to find important bills, letters, or checks because I’ve seen a preview and have a sense of what to look for.
When I do sit down to go through the mail, I always have these items on hand to make the process go more smoothly:
  • a letter opener
  • a recycling bin
  • a pen and post-it notes
The first thing I do is sort the mail into separate piles: bills, magazines, catalogs, etc. The junk mail I don’t need or want is placed immediately into a decorative recycling bin I keep where mail is processed. Bills are carried up to my home office and put in a “bills to pay” folder (yup, our bills have a “home”). Magazines and catalogs I want to keep are set aside to be read. When there’s a coupon I want to use, I clip it, circle the expiration date in red, and keep it in an antique toast carrier (our decorative home for coupons). Post-it notes are only used occasionally, but it’s helpful to have them within reach to flag a piece of mail that needs special attention or instructions.
I hope managing your daily postal mail is easier with the help of Informed Delivery. I know it works for me!


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