I wrote a little song about bras. It’s to the tune of “If I had a Hammer…” so take a moment and sing it.

If I had a bra
I’d hoist them in the mornin’
They’d be held ’till the evening
And I would feel grand

I wouldn’t feel chilly
I wouldn’t feel droopy
I’d feel supported and sleek, with a stylish physique
Oh, no matter the brand, ooh ooh ooh ooh

My lyrics may be goofy, but today’s blog is filled with truthy!

Do you wear a bra every day? Unless you’re over a certain age (such as 85+) when “the girls” tend to feel more comfortable unencumbered, wearing a bra is a necessary garment in the daily act of getting dressed.

We take for granted that we have several styles, colors, and options of bras to choose from. Surprisingly, many women do not have the option to wear a bra. They don’t experience the comfort and protection of a bra because it is considered a luxury item and is not affordable. The next time you find yourself ready to edit/clean out your bra collection, don’t be a boob and throw away your bras! PLEASE DONATE your gently used bras and you will supply much-needed support to women in need. Contact any of the organizations below:

Free the Girls

Bra Recycling

I Support the Girls

Also, many charities that collect clothing (Good Will, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Veterans, etc. ) accept bras. As is the case with all donated clothing, if an item such as a bra is worn out or damaged, it will be added to a textile recycling pile and the charity will earn money from the bulk sale of the textiles.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you found this nip tip helpful!


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