Like me, if you are of a certain age, you probably own a beautiful set of “good china.” Generous wedding guests purchased our dishes, but may I ask you how often you use your china? We use our china a few times a year if we are lucky!
To add insult to injury, I uncovered a box in my attic that contained a 12-piece tea set from my grandmother, whom we affectionately called Nanny. This set was very special to Nanny because she came from modest means and, having lived through The Great Depression, had very few luxuries. I’ve honored this extraordinary stewardship of caring for Nanny’s tea set by keeping it wrapped in old, brittle newspaper…in my dark attic…and never using it…sigh…
HOWEVER, I recently resolved this dilemma by taking two chipped cups and one chipped saucer and repurposing them to create a planter! The picture below is my hand-crafted planter, which hangs next to our kitchen sink. Now I enjoy Nanny’s china daily; it brings me immense joy and assuages my guilt. Another positive outcome? I am ready to pass on the remaining cups and saucers so they can be used and enjoyed. I created my teacup planter at a mosaic studio owned and operated by a local artist, Libby Denenberg. Her website is Wishflower Studios, and you can reach her at Libby works with students of all ages and abilities.
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Another option is The Brooklyn Teacup. I met the owner, Ariel Davis, at a conference last month and was enchanted with her innovative ways of transforming sentimental dinnerware. These upcycled items offer a way to hold onto memories and eliminate clutter. Transforming sentimental china is also a lovely gift idea!
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What if you are ready to part with your good china once and for all? Well, you can gift your fine china to family or friends, you can donate it to a charity, or give it to a local artist such as Libby who will repurpose the china. Below are some options for selling your china, but please keep in mind that there is NOT a strong resale market.
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