This week was exciting for me as I was interviewed by a reporter from my local newspaper for an article about organizing. I’ll definitely share the article with you all when it is published.  

Let’s talk about lingerie bags.

These are small mesh bags that help protect your delicate items when they’re in the wash.

These are the ones I bought: SimpleHouseware Laundry Bra Lingerie Mesh Wash Bags

They come in pairs in three different sizes. Most people keep their laundry bags in the laundry room. But I KEEP THEM IN MY BEDROOM!

My husband does all the laundry (don’t hate me!) so when I want something washed in a gentle cycle and/or line dried, I put the clothing in the lingerie bag and he knows it requires special handling. When the laundry is folded and brought upstairs (we share that responsibility), the bags go upstairs as well!  

As long as you’re buying a set, give each family member a bag to capture dirty socks. Keep these mesh bags on or next to the clothing hamper so that socks are washed in the bag. This eliminates lost socks and makes sorting socks by family members a breeze! Children can use permanent markers to decorate and personalize their own sock bags!

If you zoom in on the bags in these photos you’ll see that my comforter is covered with cat hair. Nobody’s perfect!  


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