Sunday is Grandparent’s Day. Whether you have grandparents in your life or your own older parents, they could benefit from this very cool tool that a senior client introduced me to. It’s a multi-tool that acts as an extra handle for assisting with getting in and out of the car. Keep it in the car, because it also serves as an emergency tool because it can cut a seatbelt or break a windshield.

There are a few different manufacturers of this tool but they all work similarly. Most cars have the same closing mechanism with a “u” shaped piece in the door jam. This tool attaches to that piece in the door jam. Open the car door, attach the tool, and then allow the person to use it to get in and out of the car. Then remove the tool to be able to close the door. The pictures in this post are of my client using her similar tool in my own car. I’m not sure where my client got this exact tool, but I found one on Amazon that looks very similar and has good reviews.

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