Two weeks ago my weekly tip expounded the ease and effectiveness of using labels to help with organization. Here’s a firsthand example from my own home!
We store lightbulbs by type (see the bottom photo of the storage drawers in my linen closet). However, we have one storage box that contains a collection of smaller miscellaneous bulbs. When I went to replace a bulb for my bathroom fixture I realized the bulb box was, well, a real mess!! I dumped the contents on to the bed and did a sort. Some of the bulbs were already labeled (thanks Adam!), so I finished the job and labeled EACH one with a sharpie. I rearranged the drawer so that the labels are facing up. 
This is a shining example that when it comes to clever home organization, labels light the way and save the day!

Here’s a “Before” picture:

Here’s what it looks like after organizing:

And here’s the organized box tucked away into the closet:


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