Yesterday my adorable great-niece, Madelyn, captured my sentiments exactly and I’m delighted to share the picture that her parents posted on Facebook. Can you relate?

I only recently emerged from a serious mental fog. I was too embarrassed to admit to anyone that I was feeling directionless and even more shockingly, unproductive. As a Professional Organizer (and let’s just throw in the fact that I am also a Capricorn), I am supposed to be the model of efficiency. It wasn’t until I had a Zoom meeting with two different sets of colleagues last week that I was freed from my shame when many of them talked about feeling the same way! I was so relieved!

So, I’m here to tell you it’s ok to NOT be productive. I know, I know…. my last email was a video where I showcased productivity by reorganizing a china cabinet in my dining room. I’m glad I did it and looking at the cabinet and using it is much more enjoyable. However, it took a lot more effort than usual and I was feeling pressure to have content for social media. There, I said it…..

During this threatening global pandemic, we are all experiencing grief in one form or another.  We are grieving life as we know it, grieving the loss of freedom and spontaneity, grieving the loss of work and income, and profoundly grieving the loss of life throughout the world and in our communities. So, my overarching message is to please be gentle with yourself and definitely refrain from “shoulding on yourself” such as, “I have all this free time and I should be doing _________. ”  Below are recent articles that spoke to me and I want to share them with you.


The New York Times – Stop Trying To Be Productive

Harvard Business Review – That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief


Of course, the flip side also exists. This article from Huff Post explains when cleaning and organizing can provide you a sense of control and peace –  Why Cleaning and Organizing is so Therapeutic When We’re Stressed


The bottom line is to listen to yourself and to do what feels right for you. When and if I get a burst of energy to delve into another “someday project”, I will go with the flow and maybe even make another video. In the meantime, I have no expectations and will not feel any guilt for just being. No matter what my frame of mind might be, I always LOVE hearing from you, my readers. I am always in the mood to answer your organizing questions and to cheer you on! It is a happy and fun distraction to receive your emails, texts, and photos and to hear about your projects. I am working with a client virtually and she is experiencing tremendous success! If you would like to know more about my virtual organizing services, please reach out. Thank you for staying in touch.



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