How many of you think you suffer from attentional challenges, or you have a loved one who does? Perhaps you were even diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Or maybe age and/or an illness has left you feeling more mentally compromised than ever before.

I want you to meet a VERY CHARMING and COMPELLING woman named Jessica McCabe. Please watch her Ted-X video!!!!! I promise it will not only enlighten you, but you will learn worthwhile information. It has the potential to ease years of shame and could explain so much about your brain or the brain of someone you love.

I found so much about Jessica’s experiences that moved me. One of the most compelling questions she asks herself is, what happened to all of her potential? She felt her failures were all her fault, even though she felt like she was putting in more effort than anyone else and was falling farther and farther behind no matter what she did.

She finally realized that behavior is affected by the brain. Even if you don’t have ADD or ADHD, science knows that the brain’s executive functions affect your ability to organize. This article explains very well the role of executive functions in our ability to manage time, pay attention and switch focus, plan and organize, remember details, and make decisions based on our past experiences.

The article explains that people with executive function problems may have difficulty planning or managing time, evaluating ideas, finishing work on time, or keeping track of multiple things at once. All of those things are the basis of living life in an organized way!

If you’re struggling with any of these things, there are methods you can use to break organizing into manageable chunks. I’ll go over options with you when we work together to tackle whatever problem is holding you back from feeling organized and calm.

Once again, I hope you will take the 17 minutes to watch Jessica’s talk. To learn more about Jessica, visit her website,

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