I love using paper and pens. I’m comfortable in the digital world, but I am a paper-girl through and through!

I learn best when I write things down. Visualizing what I compose along with the kinesthetic act of writing helps me to process information and remember it. (There is a lot of research to back these feelings up, as well. Here’s an NPR article from a couple of years ago that talks about how students benefited more by taking long-hand notes than by using a laptop.)

I recently purchased a new pad and it was “love at first write!” The various sections (date/purpose, cue column, notes, and summary) are so helpful to me when I’m capturing information. I use this pad when speaking to a potential new client on the phone, when taking notes during Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD) Board meetings because I’m the Secretary, and when listening to a teleclass or podcast that I know has worthwhile information!

The pad I’m in love with is the TOPS FocusNotes Note Taking System.


The notepad is 9 inches by 11 inches and the three numbers correspond to the three points in the notetaking system: 1 is where you write your notes, 2 is a space to write cues, and 3 is a spot to add a summary.

Do you have a favorite pad? Tell me about it! I may add it to my inventory!

Photo by Hannah Olinger

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