A change of season is an ideal opportunity to survey your wardrobe and make decisions about what to keep and what to release. Since we are transitioning out of one season and into another, it’s easier to remember which seasonal clothing we enjoyed wearing and reached for vs. what we didn’t. I know this has been a wonky time, but let’s be honest with each other… would you agree that there are some items living in your closet that you will never wear again?

Could you be holding onto some clothes “just in case” or out of guilt? Like those jeans from 20 years ago that you haven’t worn in as many years but they remind you of a younger, more carefree, and perhaps even a bit more fit you? Or the “good luck” interview suit? Except you love your job (or you’re retired) and if you did need to wear a suit, that one is dated and not what you’d reach for to wear. Let’s not forget the really expensive boots you splurged on, but hate wearing because they always make your feet hurt and after an hour you can no longer walk or stand!

Here’s the deal, there are clothes taking up valuable real estate in your closet that you can’t or won’t wear! It’s time to reclaim the real estate in your closet and fill your closet with possibilities instead of regrets.

Attack your closet in sections. It’s important to start small and do a mini project that won’t take long (30 minutes). Start with one area or one type of clothing. Otherwise, if you think in terms of organizing the whole closet at once, that voice inside your head is likely to say ” This project will take all day and I really don’t have the time or energy to it today so since I can’t do the whole thing I’ll put it off until I can”.

So, again I suggest you start with ONE type of clothes or one area.
Take the items out and sort them into piles KEEP, DONATE, STORAGE, TOSS, SELL, etc.
KEEP – I love and wear (I look good and feel good about myself when I wear this item)
DONATE – I don’t like, doesn’t fit, not my style, no longer relevant
STORAGE – I love and wear but the wrong season. I will store with “out of season” clothes
TOSS – This is stained or damaged and not wearable by someone else
SELL – I don’t like or can’t wear but has resale value*

Before you put the KEEPS back in their area of the closet, take a minute to quickly wipe down the area, or run a quick vacuum, or toss the odd hangers that you hate, etc. It doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t get hung up on that! Go for good enough! This completed small area of your closet will look great and more importantly, it will make you feel great! Now you know that the next time you have 30 minutes and could use a feel-good project, set your timer for 30 minutes and choose another area of your closet!

I’d love to hear about your mini closet triumphs, so be sure to send me a message to let me know how it’s going!

* BEWARE! Unless you make time to sell the items right away, bags of clothes “to sell” can take up enormous real estate in closets or shoved in corners AND make you feel guilty every time you see it. Know thyself! Given your proclivities, maybe donating is more practical because it gets it out of your space ASAP and is not another thing added to your “to-do” list!


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