A Kitchen Junk Drawer – we all have at least one and it serves a useful purpose! But why do we need a junk drawer?

Each storage space in a kitchen typically holds like items (a cabinet for pots, a drawer for silverware, a shelf for glasses, etc). Where do we put all the odds and ends that don’t fit into a category? In the Junk Drawer! How do you get the most out of your junk drawer?

Discard the useless junk and organize the helpful junk! What’s helpful junk? That’s very individualized and will be different for each us. However, there’s a good chance your helpful junk drawer may include:

rubber bands
take out menus
birthday candles
spare keys

What is useless junk??

pens that no longer work and pencils without erasers
duplicate copies of the same take-out menu
a broken item that never got fixed and, by the way, was never missed!
dead batteries
old receipts

To get your junk drawer under control, containerize your junk!

Items will be easier to see and to find when they are containerized. Corral like items using using a drawer organizer, or repurpose take-out containers or small gift boxes to hold things.

Above is a photo of the junk drawer in my kitchen. I’m utilizing a standard drawer organizer, an old measuring cup, a (warped!) wicker basket, and an Altoids tin. The bottom line is I can find what I need quickly and easily.

Send me a picture of your junk drawer, before and after you’ve corralled it!


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