INFORMED FRIENDS are good to have!

Do you have a really smart and informed friend who always seems to know about the latest & greatest things way before anyone else? I do and she is the reason behind this post.

My friend and her husband, now retired, are selling the home where they raised three children to move closer to their daughter and grandchildren who live in another state. As so many of my friends do when downsizing, she reached out to “pick my brain” for donation resources. I sent her my recommendations, and true to form, she enlightened me about a NEW clothing donation resource!
My friend’s email tells it all:
HELPSY has been great. It is a for-profit organization, but it is a B Corp, meaning that it has to fulfill a mission. Who cares if they make money on it; they don’t charge and they need to survive to provide the service. They take clothing and bedding in any condition, either sell it through thrift shops, repair it and sell it, or repurpose it to stuff car seats and such. Their goal is to keep it out of the landfill, which is my desire for all this stuff. They’ve now partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, so when you call BBBS for a pickup, you get HELPSY, and the good stuff goes to BBBS. “
When a staggering 85% of clothes, shoes, and accessories end up in landfills, it’s time to commit to repurposing clothing.  You can schedule a pick-up with HELPSY, and they also have drop-off locations in Westchester County where I live, and all along the Eastern corridor. You can find a location near you on HELPY’S website.  By the way, if you have childrens’ clothing to donate, there is a wonderful charity in Port Chester, The Sharing Shelf, that helps local families in need in Westchester County.
Let’s all commit to keep clothing OUT OF LANDFILLS and donate as much as possible.


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