The lilacs are blooming! Nothing represents Mother’s Day to me more than the breathtaking fragrance and gorgeous purple hues of my favorite flower, the lilac. I was fortunate to celebrate 57 Mother’s Days with my mother. I recognize what a gift it was to have her as a part of my life for so long. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were always marked with a celebration in our family. When our first child was born in 1992, suddenly I was able to share in all the focus, too!

When our children were younger I relished all the gestures to mark the “special day”: handmade cards, decorated flower pots with cheerful blossoming annuals, impressively large-stoned costume jewelry bought from the PTA fundraiser table at school, breakfast in bed, and the unhurried tender attention bestowed upon me that one Sunday in May every year.

Now that our children are grown and I’m fortunate to have them close by, we still spend Mother’s Day together. Yay! The plastic ruby rings and frames decorated with glitter glue and buttons have been replaced with activities of my choice! One year I requested that we watch old home movies, which was hilarious!! We still laugh recalling many of the candid moments and comments captured on tape (reminder to self – digitize those camcorder tapes!). Sharing an activity on Mother’s Day has included such things as a stroll through the Botanical Gardens or a Broadway show (for the record, I was the only one who enjoyed the revival of ‘Carousel’). I would choose to engage in a shared, memorable experience with my family any day over a vase, sweater or body cream.

Here’s another important clutter-free gift idea for ALL the moms out there…..self-care! Whether your children are human, furry, or feathered, as mothers we put our needs last. Mother’s Day is an ideal time to make ourselves a priority! Now is the time to book a massage and/or facial, attend a yoga class, or better yet, make reservations for a weekend yoga retreat, sign-up for the French cooking program you’ve had your eye on, splurge on a mahjong cruise, and so on. Self-care is the best kind of Mother’s Days gift we can give ourselves!

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all, and to my mother….not a day goes by when my heart doesn’t ache for you. On Mother’s Day, I will smell the lilacs and remember you with great love, respect, and gratitude.

May 11, 2018


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