How do you practice self-care?


Do you go for long, peaceful walks? Schedule a massage? Spend time with a dear friend? Engage in a creative activity? Snuggle up with a good book? Prepare a delicious meal?


There are many ways to practice self-care. What are the relaxing and restorative activities you would love time for? What is on your self-care wish list? This list, by the way, is as unique as you are!


Last January, I turned 60 years old. I was glad this daunting birthday and launch into a new decade occurred during a pandemic because it pretty much flew under the radar. It has taken me a year to absorb the reality of “growing older.” I have crossed an invisible aging meridian, and I think about things I never thought about before – retirement, illness, death, etc. But it has also reawakened my interest in taking care of myself.


The last thirty years of my life have primarily been devoted to caring for others, and that is OK. I raised incredible children, cared for my husband and the home we share, launched and managed several businesses, volunteered, and spent time with aging relatives and friends. It has been a BEAUTIFUL stage of life, and I am deeply grateful for all that has come my way. My life was not void of self-care during this time period, but it was often last on the list.  The Coach training I have had over the past eighteen months has taught me how critical making time for self-care is for having a life that feels balanced and emotionally healthy.


How do I practice self-care now?


Once a week, I have a private session with Personal Fitness Trainer, Lisa Greco. Lisa is inspiring, dedicated to my well-being, extremely knowledgeable, and tons of fun! Lisa is also a certified Integrative Health Coach and has guided me to live a healthier life through improved nutrition and other healthy lifestyle hacks. I am so grateful to have Lisa in my corner because she is helping me be more vigorous and move with ease and confidence.

I am a singer, and over the years I have performed in local theater productions, adult choruses, and a cappella groups. Through the music community, I met a gifted musician, conductor, and voice teacher, Dr. Evelyn DeGraf.  After almost 40 years, I am taking voice lessons once again….Hallelujah! Oh, and you should hear me sing the high notes in Handel’s Hallelujah now!


My garden: The effort (sweat equity) and time I spend in my garden mean a great deal to me. Interacting with nature and helping things grow is more fulfilling than I ever imagined. You are welcome to come and enjoy the garden with me anytime! The following quotes hang on my vision board because they truly represent how I feel about my garden:

“Gardens are a form of autobiography.” Sydney Eddison

“The garden is a love song, a duet between a human being and mother nature.” Jeff Cox

“Gardening is the slowest of the performing arts.” author unknown


I am more intentional about making time for exercise, meditation, journaling as needed, and recognizing gratitude. Of course, spending time with loved ones and friends fills up my happiness meter and has always been one of my favorite ways to take care of myself! I hope you follow my lead and prioritize self-care, but don’t wait as long as I did. You are deserving of it now.


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