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Lilacs and Mothers

The lilacs are blooming! Nothing represents Mother’s Day to me more than the breathtaking fragrance and gorgeous purple hues of my favorite flower, the lilac. I was fortunate to celebrate 57 Mother’s Days with my mother. I recognize what a gift it was to have her as a...

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Selling Legos (And Other Things) on Decluttr

The site @Decluttr lets you quickly and easily sell LEGOs, tech devices, CDs and DVDs, and books. Selling LEGOs, which most of us have lurking in a closet or attic, couldn’t be easier. Also, register for a time management class I’m teaching soon! #legos #decluttering #decluttr #declutter #organizedlife

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Two Great Organizing Take-Aways for Your Next Trip

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Belize and I want to share two great organizing take-aways I learned as a result of this trip: 1. Packing cubes are awesome!! There are many ways to use cubes, such as packing outfits by day. For me, it was helpful to...

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A SHINING Example of Helpful Labeling

Two weeks ago my weekly tip expounded the ease and effectiveness of using labels to help with organization. Here's a firsthand example from my own home! We store lightbulbs by type (see the bottom photo of the storage drawers in my linen closet). However, we have one...

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Spring Cleaning

Spring officially arrives this Wednesday, March 20. The impulse to clean and organize our homes often feels more pronounced this time of year. My friend and colleague, Linda Samuels, has done it again in this inspiring radio interview on WNYC. Tune into the radio...

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Labels – An Organizing Fundamental

I'm a firm believer that an important fundamental of organizing is labeling. I'm not just saying this to justify the fact that I own 5 label makers (time for an intervention?!!). In case you were wondering, they are all different and I view it the same as a chef who...

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