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Prepare for Winter with a Tools and Resource Inventory

Winter is coming! And we're not talking about being a Game of Thrones fan! This time of year, we know it won't take long before we're in the full grip of winter. Weather during winter can bring extreme cold, freezing rain, snow, ice, and power outages that can last a...

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Your Book Collection – Tips for Decluttering

When it comes to decluttering, books can be one of the hardest items to let go of. Often we associate strong feelings with books because they hold many memories -- of how we acquired the book, our feelings as we read it, where we lived at the time, etc. I recommend a...

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Hurricane Planning Checklist

Hurricane Season is upon us and as I write this, areas of the East Coast are still recovering from Hurricane Florence. When a storm like this hits, its severity is often a guessing game, because even the best forecasters cant be positive when and where the storm will...

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Taming the Kitchen Junk Drawer

A Kitchen Junk Drawer - we all have at least one and it serves a useful purpose! But why do we need a junk drawer? Each storage space in a kitchen typically holds like items (a cabinet for pots, a drawer for silverware, a shelf for glasses, etc). Where do we put all...

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